Transceiver Batteries

Starting from the Battery case, BMS, upto the components, every Multi Techno Transreceiver battery is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed Radio’s requirement for form, fit and function.

All the desired features are available in Multi Techno Services Transreceiver batteries to ensure optimum radio performance including:

– The battery casing is made of high strength material
– The batteries use Premium Grade Cells
– The battery employs unique safety circuit/ BMS
– Each battery is safety vented to guard against increased gas pressure inside the cells.

Multi Techno Transreciver batteries comply with MHA requirements, are Type Tested by Government/ NABL Test Laboratories and are backed up with 100% replacement warranty, where ever applicable.

Multi Techno Teansreceiver batteries have been a favourite of professionals in business Pan India.

Realize the full POWER of YOUR RADIO with MULTI TECHNO batteries.

Multi Techno Services offers wide range of battery options for popular radio brands including Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, ICOM, and many more.