Special Applications Battery

Several Battery Aplications requires specific factors to be considered while designing. For example, Battery Packs and Chargers for the drone market have to meet specific requirements including operations under extreme conditions while being robust & reliable at all times.

Drone battery systems are optimized to maximize the flight and run times with the payload capabilities. These batteries need shortest possible charging times and a complex BMS for optimization. Similarly Battery life is the single biggest issue for agencies operating body cameras. Body cameras normally require change of battery every four hours. Multi Techno batteries allow use up to twelve hours to cover the entire work shift of an individual.

We can help design and develop systems for your special and one-off applications. Employing hands-on approach we can help with problem-solving to find the right solution for our customer. Multi Techno Services unique selling point is that we hold no pre-built stock but have a wide range of quality battery components that enables us to build the most appropriate product to suit special battery needs.